Writing KSA Government

Writing KSA Government

Government KSA requirements are straightforward, but you need to understand the type of information you’re being asked to provide. Most importantly, you need to understand the basic information requirements for government KSAs.

As you’ll discover when you get your government job, getting your information right, and in the right form, is important. Whether you’re applying for a state or Federal job, application requirements include formal documentation, based on agency employment policies and statutory requirements.

The government job application process is a formal process. Documentation of candidate information is very important. Information on your job application is also part of your formal record as a government employee if you get the job. You need to make sure you get everything right.

Government KSA requirements, explained

If you check out federal KSA examples online, you’ll see many KSAs, but you may not understand the information issues. If you haven’t written KSAs for government job applications before, some pointers:

  • Government KSAs are required to provide a lot of information.
  • Pay close attention to information requirements.  If your KSA requirements want “strong communication skills”, consider all the types of communications you use in your job, like verbal, written, phone, online, etc.
  • You need to clearly lay out your KSAs to show appropriate skills, knowledge, and experience for each KSA requirement.
  • Departmental guidelines will help you to understand what information is required, but you should ask  for help if you’re not sure what information your KSAs should include.
  • You usually only need to write a paragraph for most KSAs, but you need to put in all the required information.

How to write KSAs for a government job

You can use some information from your KSAs for private sector jobs, but remember, the information requirements for government jobs are different.

  • Avoid unnecessary words, or information which doesn’t directly relate to KSA requirements.
  • Explain your KSAs in direct context with the job’s requirements, and spell out your information to make your KSAs easy to read.
  • You need to spell out in detail the “Who, what, where, when and why” of your KSAs, for example – “I’m currently the supervisor of 10 people in the XYZ health clinic, responsible for managing client account data.
  • When asked to demonstrate practical knowledge and skills, use a simple, start to finish description of your KSAs. Define situations, and include the “who, what, when, where, why” information.
  • Always provide measurable outcomes for your examples of KSAs. This quantifies your performance and makes it a lot easier for readers to see your skills in context with the needs of the position.

Information quality – How to improve your government KSAs

There’s an easy way to improve the quality of your government KSA knowledge skills and attitude – Read your draft, and ask yourself: “If I was screening applicants, does this give me all the information I need? Does this information tell me this person is right for the job?

You’ll find that you’ll see possible errors or omissions very easily, using this method. Be critical, and your KSAs will be much better.

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