Useful Federal Job Facts and Stats

Useful Federal Job Facts and Stats

Are you looking to bag a position in the federal government? Do not know anything about federal government hiring process? What you can do is to highlight your knowledge, skills and abilities in your federal resume. But before that, you may also want some useful facts and stats about the federal employment. It’s exactly the same reason we’re writing this post.
Federal Job Facts and Stats

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Federal USA Employment by Agency

  1. Air Force: 166, 986
  2. Department of Agriculture: 257, 360
  3. Department of Commerce: 44,921
  4. Department of Education: 4246
  5. Department of Energy: 15,490
  6. Department of Homeland Security: 192,765
  7. Department of Justice: 115,194
  8. Department of Labor: 16,592

Top 10 Cities for Federal Jobs

  1. Washington, DC for healthcare, intelligence related or defense
  2. Atlanta for the Internal Revenue Service, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Army Corps of Engineer, the Food Safety and Inspection Service and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission,
  3. Philadelphia for the inspection related or the healthcare field
  4. San Antonio for the Department of Defense
  5. New York for the security, healthcare and protection as well as jobs relating to the environment
  6. Dallas/Fort Worth for defense, engineering and inspection
  7. Chicago for law, biological sciences and finance fields
  8. Baltimore for healthcare
  9. Tampa for the Air Force Reserve Headquarters at the MacDill AFB
  10. Denver for the Department of the Interior and the Veteran Health Administration

Federal Resume Writing Tips

  1. Tailor your resume according to the job announcement.
  2. Impress them with your numbers and statistics.
  3. Sell your achievements and yourself.
  4. See to it that you have a copy of your resume for the private sector.
  5. Be clear and concise.

So have you decided which department or agency you want to apply for a federal position? If so, be sure to head over their official website, read the job announcement and work on your resume based on the requirements and qualifications that they have included on it so that you can include them in your application. See to it that you answer the needs of the employer by using specific keywords and buzzwords from the job announcement in your KSA resume.

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