Tips On How To Get A Federal Job For People With Disabilities

Tips On How To Get A Federal Job For People With Disabilities

Want a job working with the government but have never applied because you thought they didn’t have any jobs for you? Perhaps you thought that government jobs for people with disabilities were non-existent, and so you’ve contented yourself doing a job you don’t really like. But guess what? There ARE federal jobs for people with disabilities, and with 500,000 governmental employees expected to retire this year, there has never been a better time to apply than now.

A lot of people might not have realised it, but federal jobs for people with disabilities are actually more plentiful than first thought. Accessibility in the workplace has increased hugely over the last few years, and the demand for more accessibility is increasing. Because of this, people with disabilities are able to take up the kinds of job opportunities that not too long ago were not possible.

This has also led to more federal jobs for people with disabilities, with jobs including position in budget analysis, accounting, contracts, human resources, contract representation, finance, administrative support and information technology.

Sounds Great! But Tell Me How To Get A Federal Job

Okay, now that we’ve hooked you and got you keenly interested, let us take a look at some tips on how to get a federal job for people with disabilities.


It sounds obvious, but you’ll have absolutely zero chance of securing a federal job if you don’t apply. Once you’ve applied, you’ll be placed (if successful) on the OPM Shared List of People with Disabilities. This list is a database which over 400 agency representatives have access to. This means that almost 500 agency people will be able to look at YOUR resume! Hiring managers and human resource personnel leaf through this database whenever they’re looking to hire, so if you manage to get yourself on there, there’s a great chance that they’ll come across yours.

But I Don’t Live In Washington DC – Does This Matter?

Nope! We do understand that travel and commuting might be one of your prime concerns with applying for government jobs for people with disabilities, but contrary to popular belief, not all government jobs are in Washington DC. In fact, most aren’t, with around 85% of these jobs based outside Washington DC.

So this means that you can work close to home, ensuring that your commute is as easy as you want it to be.

how to get a federal job


Get Qualified

All federal jobs require qualifications, and federal jobs for people with disabilities are no different. With that in mind, there are numerous positions available and you can be hugely experienced, or you can be a recently graduated student. Indeed, there are a whole host of federal jobs available that you can apply to, and it’s just a case of applying for the jobs which match your skill set.

Find Out If You’re Eligible For Governmental Jobs For People With Disabilities

Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible for federal jobs. To make sure that you are eligible, and to make sure that you don’t waste any time applying for jobs that you can’t get, you can visit the Schedule A hiring authority, which is reserved for people with disabilities, including intellectual disabilities and severe physical disabilities. You have to be a U.S. citizen, and you’ll be required to email your resume. Your federal style resume should include your social security number, as well as various other bits of personal info.


Mostly all federal jobs are posted to, so if you visit this site you’ll come across the kind of job you’re looking for. Our advice is to visit regularly because, with 500,000 federal jobs expected to be available this year, you won’t want to miss out on the one that best suits your skill set simply because you didn’t check the site for a week! Federal resume writing services recommend switching on email alerts.

We hope we’ve made things a little clearer for you now, and that you’re now a little excited about the potential opportunities that are open to you. Working for the government is a difficult, responsible task that comes with obligations and duties that will impact our entire country. If you feel you can handle this, why not go it? Don’t let anything hold you back!

Do not hesitate and ask us how to get a federal job now!

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