Tips On How To Create A Federal Style Resume And Why The Standard Resume Doesn’t Have Chances To Be Noticed

Tips On How To Create A Federal Style Resume And Why The Standard Resume Doesn’t Have Chances To Be Noticed

Federal job opportunities are expected to be plentiful in 2015, thanks to a significant number of long-standing governmental employees (500,000) retiring from their duties. This means that there will be potentially up to 500,000 jobs available to you and people just like you.

This means that if you’ve ever wanted to work for the government, you’ll probably never get a better chance in your lifetime. For this reason, you really don’t want to miss the boat. How do you miss the boat? By submitting a standard resume!

You see, whilst standard resumes might be okay for most private industry jobs, they simply don’t cut the mustard when it comes to federal job opportunities. You can’t recycle an old resume that you used five years ago, and which landed you your current job. No matter how great you think it is – and no matter how great it actually is – there is certain information that needs to go on a federal style resume that KSA writing services usually leave out on a standard resume. And this is something you really need to bear in mind when applying for a federal job. Let’s take a closer look at how to create a federal style resume.

A Federal Style Resume Is More Personal

You’re applying to work for the government here, so this is pretty serious stuff. Applying to for a federal job is not as simple as applying to work in a car park. There are a lot more checks that need to be undertaken, and agencies want a lot more information from you. Personal information.

This means they’ll want your complete mailing address, as well as your country of citizenship and social security number. Not to mention your full name.

Most jobs will not ask you for your social security number (and if they do, you should raise a few eyebrows), but federal jobs do – and you should be compliant. If you refuse to hand over your social security number, you can probably say bye-bye to any federal job opportunities.

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A Federal Style Resume Needs To Target A Specific Job

Have you ever done that thing where you print off 50 resumes, walk into the city and hand them out at different stores, bars, and restaurants? You can do this because a standard resume summarises your qualifications, skills and experience so that, essentially, you meet the criteria set by a number of enterprises. The skills you have could get you a job behind a bar, a job serving meals, and even a job in retail.

Applying for federal jobs is different, though. You have to be much more specific. This means you need to include a statement which outlines the job title and department, as well as the level of difficult. You will also need to include the job announcement reference number, before detailing your skills, qualifications and experiences that make you the ideal candidate.

For this reason, creating a federal style resume can be a tiring, exhaustive process. You can’t submit the same resume for many jobs but have to continually rewrite it for each one you apply for.

Complete Everything You’re Asked To Complete

Federal style resumes also differ from standard resumes in terms of length. Whilst a standard resume can easily just be 2 pages maximum, a federal resume can be up to seven pages in length. That might seem quite long, but one of the reasons these resume’s are so lengthy is that agencies ask you to provide a lot of information.

And you can’t omit any information. If a vacancy announcement is asking for something, you have to comply and give them what they want. Failure to do so will lead to your resume being overlooked. You can’t get away with missing out info, because each resume is electronically scanned – and this electronic equipment doesn’t miss a thing!

It’s important not to leave anything blank. To demonstrate that you are the best qualified candidate and the most able, you simply have to adhere by the rules and prove yourself in the application process. If you stumble at this early point, why would an agency really think you’re suitable to work for the government?

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