Right Federal Resume Format: Common Mistakes To Avoid

Right Federal Resume Format: Common Mistakes To Avoid

Getting your federal resume noticed is not easy. Some might assume that everyone who has taken the time to write a federal resume should be given a fair crack of the whip, and their resume should at least be read through and considered thoroughly. But bad formatting is bad practice, and if you write a federal resume that is littered with mistakes, yours is going to get dismissed quicker than you can say ‘federal government resume’ (which is not always that quick, it’s a bit of a tongue twister, isn’t it?)

Still! The point is that if you get your federal resume format right, you have a much greater chance of having yours referred. Which is awesome and is exactly what we all want. If your federal result format is poor, you’re seriously going to lose out to candidates who might not be as skilled as you are – but who do know how to format a federal government resume. This might seem really unfair, but to help you out, we’ve come up with a list of federal resume mistakes to avoid. See, whilst your competitors can’t really improve their skill set, you can improve your federal resume format. Let’s take a look.

Always Use Short Paragraphs

When we visit Internet sites, we find big block paragraphs (you know, the kind that are like 20 feet long), really off-putting. There’s just too much text and information condensed into one paragraph. KSA writing service likes our info to come in bits and pieces because it’s just so much more readable and easier to ingest.

Your federal government resume should be the same. Avoid huge paragraphs but split things up into a few neat, shorter paragraphs. Even if you’re discussing the same topic, split it up into two or three paragraphs. It just looks better, and anyone reading it will feel easier about taking it all in.

Don’t Hide Your Skills And Achievements

One of the major resume mistakes to avoid is hiding your achievements in the middle of your resume so that agencies can’t even spot them. They want to know what you’re good at, and they want to know why they should be referring you.

It should be your remit to thrust exactly what you can do in front of the readers’ face so that they get the picture. Don’t hide away, sell yourself. Emphasise your skills and show people why you’d be an asset.

federal resume formatAlways Use Keywords In Your Federal Resume Writing

When a federal agency posts a job ad, they always include keywords in the job description. These are attributes they’re looking for from you, and if you decide omit them in your federal government resume, you’re making a big mistake.

Federal employment agencies receive hundreds, sometimes thousands of resumes for one post, so they’re going to be scanning each resume looking for those keywords. You need to include a few of them in your resume to ensure you stand out.

Don’t Waffle

Whilst it’s true that there is no exact limid to how much you can write, we suggest that you don’t overdo things and try to keep your resume to around 5 or 7 pages. Any longer and you risk waffling and rambling. Moreover, you risk including irrelevant info which could be the only info the agency comes across as they scan your work. Remember, you need all killer and no filler!

Don’t Spend Too Long On Irrelevant Jobs

Sure, you can include jobs in your resume that don’t really have any relevance for the job you’re applying for, but you should definitely not spend too much time describing them. Agencies don’t want to hear read paragraph upon paragraph about the time you did a job 15 years ago that bears no relevance to this vacancy. Keep these descriptions short and snappy and then move on.

Be Honest

One of the common mistakes to avoid with federal resume format is telling little white lies (or huge lies) about ourselves. If you state something down on your resume about yourself, you absolutely must be able to back it up. If you are not able to demonstrate the skills that you have listed, you will be discredited. We suggest going through your resume and amending anything that seems a little at odds with the truth. It’s safer in the long run.

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