Must-Know for Government Resume Writing

Must-Know for Government Resume Writing

Government resume format writing really is different from private sector writing in many ways. The information requirements for government resumes are quite different, in some respects. Government KSAs require more “spelling out”, but the overall quality of information is excellent, and the government resumes deliver a lot of value for applicants.

Please note: Writing a government resume also requires a clear understanding of information standards. What’s good enough for a private sector resume may not be good enough for a government resume. Don’t just cut and paste from your normal resume. Pay attention to agency guidelines, which will help you understand what information is required.

Government resume writing best practice

One of the most basic points of government resume writing is very simple:

Clearly define your information.

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If you’re asked to demonstrate skills in accountancy, for example, don’t just say you’re a qualified accountant. That statement doesn’t even begin to address important issues like your areas of specialization, years of experience, your role(s) as an accountant, or even where or for which employer you do your work.

In a government resume, you must be specific, and include all the relevant details, particularly in KSAs.

To illustrate- Here’s a knowledge skills and abilities list with sample. A required skill for a hypothetical job is “Proven expertise in financial regulatory compliance”. A good response for a government resume would be:

I have been the compliance manager for (name of employer, a bank) since 2009. My role includes overall management of compliance at the national level, group internal compliance audits, and planning of financial investment packages to ensure compliance with financial regulations. I also provide advisory services to management regarding compliance issues for senior US and global management.

As you can see, this person is an expert, an obvious candidate for the job. That’s only a few words, but it includes plenty of information indicating suitability for the job. This paragraph spells out the nature of the applicant’s experience, the level of expertise and seniority, and most importantly shows that the applicant meets the job criteria.

You’ll also notice that this information is very specific and entirely focused on the KSA requirements. That’s one of the most important things to learn about writing government resumes.

Not sure how to write your government resume? Need help?

It must be said that this type of resume writing does require some experience. You have to learn how to write KSAs well, and include all the required information. Most people take a while to learn how to write these resumes. Most people also don’t do very well with their first applications, for that reason.

The best way to solve this problem is to engage professional government resume writers. These experts can provide advice, discuss your needs, and most importantly act as “interpreters” for the information required. You’ll learn a lot from professional writers, including how to manage demanding KSAs.

This service is very useful for professionals with complex KSA needs, and saves you a lot of time trying to manage a range of information requirements. Consider your options, and remember KSA writing services are there to help when you need help.

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