Main Rules of SES Resume Writing

Main Rules of SES Resume Writing

Senior Executive Service resumes can be very complex, requiring a lot of information.  SES resumes can also be a problem, even for highly experienced, talented candidates who aren’t familiar with the government resume formats and writing requirements.

It’s important to note that in this extremely competitive employment environment, quality of applications really matters. SES resume writing requires strong attention to information quality, and above all, to ensuring that applicants deliver all the required information.

The big issues with SES resumes include:

  • Fully documenting required skills is critically important. This may seem obvious, but what’s on your application is the official information, and it’s the sole basis for assessment of candidates.
  • SES resumes must match job criteria. This means taking care to systematically address all criteria, in full. Also please note that in terms of candidate selection, any failure to address criteria means your application is at a disadvantage to other candidates.
  • Your private sector resume is not appropriate for SES resumes. Government resumes are formatted differently, and require extra information. Some information, like work history, will transfer to the government resume format, but a lot of other information will need to be prepared specifically for the government resume writing.
  • KSAs are very important. The role of KSAs is to provide the basis of candidate assessment and recommendation. We created list of knowledge skills and abilities with the best samples you’ve ever seen. 

SES resumes fundamentals

All agencies provide guidelines to assist applicants. Guidelines between different agencies may vary, although the overall requirements for SES resumes are basically very similar.

SES resumes writing services – A good option

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Many fully qualified, highly experienced SES candidate applications fail simply because their resumes aren’t written according to guidelines and don’t meet the basic requirements of the agencies. This high failure rate isn’t a result of candidates not being qualified.

It’s not a result of “bureaucracy”, either. Government agencies don’t benefit from making their hiring processes any more time consuming or complicated than they need to be.

The high failure rate is the result of the lack of documentation of skills, knowledge, and experience necessary for recommendation. Some applicants probably would be great candidates, but lack of information means their applications can’t succeed. They simply haven’t provided the basic information required, so they can’t even be recommended for an interview.

The solution is simple- Engage a professional resume writing service. This is a very good idea for those who haven’t had any experience of the government job application process. An SES resume writing service can provide useful information regarding processes, explain information needs, and help you create a very effective, competitive application.

This is also “risk management” for new SES applicants. You’ll avoid all the basic mistakes which make so many applications a complete, and frustrating, waste of time. It’s a lot better to learn from the experts and avoid the mistakes right from the start than learn the hard way, particularly when you’re going for a senior job.

When you’re considering an SES job application, start with the basics. Can you deliver a great resume, properly formatted and with all the KSAs? If not, get professional assistance of KSAs. It will be worth it.

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