Common Myths About Federal Job Application

Common Myths About Federal Job Application

Because an estimated 500,000 of governmental employees are expected to retire soon, federal job application is going to soar. Everyone who has always fancied working for the government will be hot on the federal jobs search, whilst others who have heard the news that all these jobs are soon to be available, but who have never considered working for the government before, will also be interested. After all, working for the ‘feds’ sounds pretty darn appealing, doesn’t it?

But there are a lot of myths about how to get a federal job. A lot of applicants assume the process is just like applying for a job in the private sector. They shrug and say that it’s a piece of cake, it’ll take a few minutes, and before you know it they’ll be working for Obama.

The reality, though, is very different. These myths trip a lot of applicants up, and destroy their chances of working for the government, messing up their federal job application, and basically putting a real dampener on their dreams. To save you from buying into these myths, let’s take a look at what they are.

Myth #1: The Screening Questions Are Easy

Federal resume writing services can dispel this straight away – the screening questions are not as simple as perhaps they are for some private sector jobs. The essay questions are difficult, and they requite you to be diligent and to provide responses that match the announcements keywords and terminology. Federal agencies always use keywords in their job descriptions and they look for these keywords in candidates’ resumes. If they don’t see them, they may overlook you. For this reason, it’s imperative to carefully study the job description so that you know exactly what’s expected of you.

Myth #2: I Don’t Need To Answer Everything

A federal job application form often requires a lot of information from the applicant. Indeed, whereas a standard resume is often just 2 pages long, a federal resume can be up to 7 pages long. One of the things a federal resume asks for is your social security number. If you decide that it isn’t really relevant and skip this part – or any part of the form – you’ll be overlooked. You need to answer everything, no matter how time consuming or irrelevant it seems.

Myth #3: They Have Forgotten All About Me And My Federal Job Application

The federal job application process is time consuming, and it takes a long time for the federal government to actually hire someone. Even if you haven’t heard back about your application after a few weeks – or even months – you have to remain patient. Whilst the feds would ideally like to hire someone within 45 days, it isn’t always possible and it can take months before a final decision is made.

It’s easy, then, to assume after a few weeks that they’ve forgotten all about your application process. So you decide to move on with your life, and when they do get in touch with you, you’re unprepared! The trick is to always stay prepare, and to always expect the best. If you expect the worst, you’ll be caught off your guard.

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Myth #4: They Can See That I’m Qualified

If you listlessly list your qualifications without going into detail, emphasising your strengths and including the keywords found in the job description, the federal agency are NOT going to be able to determine that they’re the ones for you. They won’t see that you’re qualified unless you put the effort in to prove it to them.

Myth #5: They Don’t Really Want Me To Mail All Those Forms

If your federal jobs search has returned a vacancy that asks you to send additional documentation through the post, such as college transcripts, it’s no good ignoring these requirements, dismissing them and saying, “Oh, they won’t be too bothered if I don’t mail them off. After all, they’ll see that my resume is good enough.”

Each job ad has a ‘How To Apply’ section, and it is in this section where additional docents and materials are requested. If you ignore these requests, your federal job application process will not be complete and there is a good chance that your application form will be overlooked.

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