Common Knowledge Skills and Abilities List

Common Knowledge Skills and Abilities List

When you browse job ads, you’ll see a lot of knowledge skills abilities requirements which look pretty similar, although sometimes in very different jobs and in very different contexts. That’s no coincidence. These descriptions are universal, related to specific skill sets, knowledge bases, and abilities.

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We’ve created a list of knowledge skills and abilities requirements to help you understand what they mean.


Communications skills are absolutely core, basic business skills in all forms of employment. This means verbal, written and comprehension skills. Skills knowledge and abilities may include your ability to provide information effectively, make presentations, or even do sales work, communicating with clients.

Analytical Skills

Analytical skills may relate to your ability to analyze data, information, business, or work-related situations. The type of analysis required will be defined by the type of work. It’s advisable to check specific requirements in the list of knowledge skills and abilities provided on the job ad and in the position description when addressing these requirements in your application.


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Technology Skills

This range of skills can be quite extensive. There are actually two basic types of technological skills required – General skills, like daily computer usage, common types of software, et cetera, and specific, job-related technical skills like systems, content management, client relations management, and other, much more specialized technological skills. It’s advisable to carefully check any list of knowledge, skills, and abilities regarding technology.

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Managing Priorities/Deadlines

This is a very common requirement of the modern workplace. Your ability to maintain schedules, and meet deadlines is critical, particularly in a multitasking workplace environment in which employees are often required to manage multiple roles with different priorities and timeframes.

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Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving skills are so important that questions about solving a problem at work are universal. This skill set is critical in real-world workplace environments. Problems happen; employers want people who know how to solve the problems.

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This expression refers to your ability to manage change, deal with situations as they arise, and work independently or as part of a team. This is a particularly broad skills base, increasingly more required by employers.

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Planning and Organizing Skills

Planning and organizing are the core skills of effective employees and highly valued. In most interviews, employers will ask job candidates for examples of how they planned and organized a specific task, for example. Positions requiring these skills may also include a list of knowledge, skills, and abilities of their own, depending on the role of the position.

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Another very important and common requirement, teamwork skills may include your ability to work in a team, your knowledge of teambuilding, and your skills in participating productively imitating. Teamwork requirements will vary depending on the nature of the job, the type work involved, and the organizational role of the position.

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Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills mean literally your ability to work with others. This is a particularly important skill set and a standard requirement in nearly all jobs. Interpersonal skills may also relate to client relationships and interactions at various levels in a very diverse range of jobs, like customer service, account management, and client relations management.




Motivation is an important delineator for many employers. A motivated employee is by definition a better worker. Motivation also relates to a commitment to the job; for example, a person who wants a job for career progression is highly motivated.

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Professionalism is both a practical reference to knowledge skills and abilities and a reference to professional standards. The professional is by definition an exponent of high levels of professional skills, ethics, and behavior. A job which requires a high level of professionalism will by definition be a demanding role.

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Multicultural Sensitivity

This is an absolute must, required by law, and also very much part of the functional realities of the modern workplace. Multicultural sensitivity involves a range of skills and knowledge, including a practical understanding of workplace standards.

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Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are highly valued in the workplace. Employers look for these skills to find potential employees who have initiative and are able to take charge of demanding situations. Leadership skills are often the critical difference between equally qualified job candidates, too.

We hope our list of knowledge skills and abilities has been of use to you. Contact us in case you need help.

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