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Applying For Federal Jobs: How To Get A Desired Position On This Competitive Market

There is no doubt that working for the government has its perks, and because a lot of long-serving government employees are soon to retire to make way for a wealth of new employees (an estimated 500,000, no less), the race to work for the government is about to heat up. This means that lots of people will be applying for federal jobs, and it means that this is an ultra competitive market where only those who are the very best get in.

Competition is made even stiffer when you consider that a significant numbers of federal jobs go to employees already working for the government. For this reason, it’s absolutely imperative that you stand out from the crowd and maximise your potential. You need to be able to show the employers that YOU are the right candidate for them, and that you have everything they need. But how do you do this, and exactly how do you get a federal job? Let’s take a closer look.

Get Qualified

Firstly, consider the skills that an agency is looking for and then consider whether the skills you currently have are transferable. Look at your job and the kind of skills you’ve been using, and then consider what other kind of work you could apply these skills to. Do they match up with what the agency is asking for? If they do, great. If they don’t – and if you don’t possess the qualifications they’re looking for – you can either look for another position in the government which does want your skills, or you can look at obtaining the required skills.

Also spend some time thinking about what abilities you have that you don’t really think about too much, such as problem solving and coordinating. These are all useful skills that you can emphasise on your KSA resume.

Understand What The Agency Wants

applying for federal jobsTo get a federal job, it’s important to know exactly what the agency is looking for. But just as important is applying what’s on the job description to your resume – in particular, the keywords and terminology.

Agencies use keywords in their job description for a very special reason; they use them to highlight exactly what skills and attributes they’re looking for from a candidate. But they’re also hoping that candidates are savvy enough to then include these keywords in their resume. Moreover, we can give you example of federal resume format.

Because an agency has to wade through hundreds – perhaps thousands – or resumes, sometimes they’ll scan through them all. If they see no sight of keywords, they’ll probably pass. If they see keywords, they’ll take a closer look. So when applying for federal jobs, it’s always important to study the keywords and terminology in the job description, before applying them in your resume.

Network And Get On Federal Job Programs

To help you get a federal job, you can be proactive. This means getting out there and networking to expose yourself to organisations and people who you really need to be meeting. Get yourself on federal job programs and do some volunteering. This kind of stuff will enhance your chance of getting a federal job.

After all, applying for federal jobs and getting them is in no way easy, and is a very complex process. But if you get yourself on federal job programs, you’ll be showing that you’re a persistent and determined individual who has a great desire to get into this sector and succeed. You’ll be building up a list of contacts who might be able to secure you a job in the near future.

Moreover, you’ll be getting to know the landscape inside out, and this will give you a greater chance of knowing what role your skills are most suited to. The federal government is comprised of hundreds of different departments, so by getting to know each one you will be able to identify which is best matched for you. This also prevents you from applying for federal jobs that do not match your interests or abilities.

Keep Checking For New Jobs

USAjobs.gov is the site to end all sites when it comes to federal job listing. Although not every single job will be posted there, most will, and by regularly checking it, you’re ensuring that you don’t miss out when a job that you can do comes along. Get email alerts if necessary.

Do not hesitate with applying for federal jobs!