5 Things To Know While Passing Federal Employment Recruiting

5 Things To Know While Passing Federal Employment Recruiting

Federal government employment has for a long time seemed out of reach for many of us, and this is largely because a lot of the current employees have held their positions for decades, meaning few new vacancies have come available. But because they’ve held their positions for decades, it is estimated that 60% of them will be retiring within the next 5 years. The bonus for you guys is that this means there will be a whole wealth of federal job positions available within the next few years – around 500,000 of them! Huzzah!

But getting your foot in the door is not exactly easy, because the federal employment recruiting process can be complex and time-consuming, and it’s very different to the way the private sector recruitment process works. The Economist magazine called the private sector recruitment process the biggest failing of businesses today, and this is because these businesses simply don’t take the time to carry out proper screenings. They hire someone, then they fire them soon afterwards because they’re just not up to scratch.

The federal employment recruiting process, on the other hand, is much more stringent. They take their time to pick the right candidate so that, in another forty years or so, the 60% who are going to take up the next batch of jobs will all be ready to retire together. The feds want outstanding candidates who will be with them until they retire. So you’ve gotta be good. No pressure! Let’s have a look at the top 5 things to know.

Get Your Foot In The Door

Okay, you don’t need to get your foot in the door to secure federal government employment, but it helps. There are a few ways you can do this, including internship programs, federal job programs, volunteering programs, as well as recruitment and referral programs. Getting onto a recruitment and referral program is productive because it gets you onto the WRP database, which essentially means your resume is available to be viewed for fed job agencies.

You can also network. You can do this at volunteering schemes, and you can also do it via websites such as LinkedIn. Getting to know people ‘in the know’ and building up an exhaustive list of contacts with links to federal government employment is an excellent way of making yourself known.

Know Where And How To Apply

Nearly all federal job positions are posted on USAJOBS.gov, and this is the website you need to join if you’re serous about getting federal government employment. Signing up is easy, you simply create an account, upload your resume, and you can then start searching for jobs.

The search process can be complex, though, and you really should only apply for jobs you know you’re qualified for. You skip jobs that are not for you by carefully checking the qualifications and evaluation criteria. Applying for work is easy, you simply follow the ‘How to Apply’ instructions specific to each job, and make sure that you meet the deadline.

Also, to ensure you don’t miss out on a job you’re qualified to do, we recommend that you keep checking the website regularly for new vacancies. Moreover, it will be good idea to know more about federal job interview questions.

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Your Resume Is Super Important For Federal Job Positions

Federal resume writing services know that a resume is always important, but a federal job resume is different to the one you normally use. It requires more information, and it’s often 7 pages long as opposed to 2. That’s a whole lot of content. To help you with this, we have a page dedicated to getting your federal job resume up to scratch.

Make Sure You’re Eligible

An important part of the federal employment recruiting process is the eligibility bit. Not everyone is eligible, and to find out whether you are or not, you can visit the Schedule A Hiring Authority. This is reserved for people with disabilities only, such as intellectual or physical disabilities. Obtaining a Schedule A is the first step in getting federal government employment for people with disabilities.

Find Out The Pay Grades

Essentially, it is the pay system that determines your position in federal government employment. There are many different pay systems and understanding them will allow you to decipher more accurately whether you are really qualified for the role. For example, if you your high school diploma is your highest qualification, you will qualify for GS-2 positions – nothing higher. If you have a Bachelor’s degree, you’ll be eligible for GS-5 positions. Those with Master’s degrees can qualify for GS-9 positions. And so on.

Do not hesitate and ask us about federal employment recruiting!


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