5 Facts about USA Federal Jobs

5 Facts about USA Federal Jobs

Before entering into a federal job position, there are certain things you have to know and some of them you can check out here.

Federal Jobs Overview

  • Salary range is from $17K to $160 K per year or more
  • Separate job categories are offered, totaling to 2,000
  • Federal government employs 1.8 million people
  • 86 percent of federal jobs are offered outside the Washington state
  • 50,000 positions are stationed abroad

After learning of the most important overview information about federal jobs, check out how you can prepare for the application process. See them below.

  1. Analyze federal vacancy announcements and see which of them suits your knowledge, skills and abilities.
  2. Write your federal resume and any of the knowledge, skills and abilities essays.
  3. Respond to self-assessment questions.
  4. Apply according to the application requirements.

Federal Resume Posting Sites

  • Armycivilianservice.com
  • My.USAJobs.gov
  • Avuecentral.com
  • Federaljobs.net

Those are where you can post your best resumes for federal jobs and make yourself one of the government employees who can earn well, depending on your experience and competencies.

Now, let’s talk about the best federal resume writing tips. First, don’t list every job because the federal resume is not your life’s history. In fact, the longest length there is for federal resume is from four to five pages only.

In addition to this tip, you should remember not to go too far back in your work history. You can include your accomplishments, but career changers should only list or show relevance. Finally, don’t forget including keywords in your federal resume.

What Are the Benefits of working in the Federal Government?

  1. Healthcare with widest healthcare plans, flexible spending accounts, long-term care plans and life insurance.
  2. Paid time off with 13 days of sick leave, 13 to 26 days paid vacation and 10 paid federal holidays.
  3. Retirement benefits, including annuity.
  4. Family-friendly policies, including part-time jobs, flexible work schedules and job sharing.
  5. Best part: WELL-PAID JOB

Remember these interesting parts of serving and working for the federal government. Do you want to become listed and to start with a lucrative career in this field? Prepare and stand out with your federal job application with a winning federal resume today! Do not forget to read about federal resume format.

5 facts about federal jobs


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